Stefan, “Meant for Me”

Have you ever encountered someone and then suddenly had your life change? You can’t stop thinking about them, you don’t need Netflix or TikTok because all you want to do is just literally sit still and daydream about this person – like they’re your soulmate! 
But then suddenly…The happy music changes and you realize that your soulmate doesn’t love you back…#awks
For the Tonemamas it all started with Ron Weasley and Simba (yes, the wizard and the lion, why are you asking?), for today’s featured artist Stefan it was (maybe) someone else


Based in two of the hippest places on planet earth; LA and Tokyo, Stefan is giving us our new favorite song with “Meant for Me”. The artist and producer combines sounds and genre-ingredients that are stirred together and result in a very fragrant and tasty R&B soup. We’re talking retro-sounding guitar with a hip-hop beat underneath, plus chord progressions and a vibe we associate with Frank Ocean and H.E.R. Yet Stefan’s breathy voice also gives us associations to 2010’s greatest indie-pop-singers. That’s some vocal diversity y’all!
“Even though we were not meant to be, you were meant to be”. Ah one-way-love, how badly you sting! Stefan is describing the heartache in such a beautiful way you almost want to dive into his memories and go along with the dream world he prefers to the real one. Luckily, for two minutes and ten seconds, you now can.

Listen for: 1:36, mmm that chord change and the chill voice.

Best listened to while: On public transportation at night, when you’re playing out the main character in a romantic and passionate daydream (or nightdream).

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