Silent Neighbor, “You Surround Me”

There are many approaches when it comes to songwriting.
Some like to dive into their bedroom studio and start messing with sounds, others like to go for a long walk and contemplate meaningful lyrics. There are also those who sit down at a piano and channel whatever songwriting gods are around that day. 
Then you have the intellectuals. The educated musician who sees music as a mathematical problem that can be solved (in addition to all the feelsy stuff – we see you educated musicians.) Today’s featured band Silent Neighbor strikes us as the latter – intentional, well-considered and deliberate in their musical decisions as evident in their latest single “You Surround Me”. 

Silent Neighbor

The Swiss band is the product of singer-songwriter Philipp Saner. It’s current line-up is quite an interesting one for a pop-act like this – Jachim Flüer on the cello, Philipp Hillebrand on the clarinet and Maxime Paratte on drums/electronics.
Silent Neighbor seems to be describing a type of love in a modern, fast-paced world where the lovers in question are not finding a lot of time to be together.  However, instead of complaining about this, the singer talks about gratitude and how the “you-person” is always surrounding him.  *cue “awww”*

Well, make sure to surround yourself with this song, Tonemillers! 

Best listened to when: When the world opens back up and you’re on your 20th commute of the day, remember the one thing lockdown gave us – time to appreciate our loved ones.

Listen for: 0:40, that pre chorus is just full of tastiness – the harmonics, the melody, the cello and clarinet together…

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