Ainjo, “Now That It’s Over”

Ainjo, “Now That It’s Over”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi dropped some much needed wisdom bombs on the world when he published “FLOW – The Psychology of Optimal Experience”. Although the Tonemamas didn’t have time to read it because we were busy with Netflix, the concept of “FLOW” is one we reflect on frequently. Flow can be found in letting go, in being present, and now it can also be found in Ainjo’s latest single, “Now That It’s Over”.

You can practically hear the lightness in Ainjo’s aura now that she’s released herself from whatever spiritual, relational, emotional burdens were weighing her down. She sings with such effortless easy-going-ness (new word?) while celebrating her version of FLOW: “And now that it’s over/ I used to be carrying boulders/ But I’m better now since that’s over.” The neo-soul/ contemporary R&B production is minimalist but with a certain glow that only appears once you’ve meditated for at least three hours and can now ‘see things as they are’.
How did they do it? We’re not sure, but we wholeheartedly trust whoever is able to embody their own message with such lived authenticity #flowinginto2021

Best listened to while: Having dumped the toxic ex, removed all the toxic food from the fridge (or eaten it all, as long as it’s GONE), and kindly but firmly told your boss that you will not be working this weekend because it’s #selfcareweekend

Listen for this moment: 0:49 that catchy rhythmic way Ainjo sings the chorus

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