Florian’s Morning, “1-800-LONELY”

Isolation has taken on a whole new meaning since last year. Akon didn’t even KNOW what he was talking about when he released his classic “Lonely” in 2004. Loneliness and isolation have grown into almost unmanageable experiences and today’s musicians are finding new ways to express this familiar/ unfamiliar sentiment spreading globally amidst social distancing rules. One artist has done so spectacularly in his latest single, “1-800-LONELY” produced and co-written by ionnalee.

Swedish indie singer-songwriter Florian’s Morning is blessing us with this beautiful track that feels like a perfectly placed pillow to catch our weary heads. Drawing upon influences such as Simon & Garfunkel, Elliot Smith and Phoebe Bridgers there is a wonderful timelessness to the music. The combination of gentle guitars, and Florian Morning’s fragile yet powerfully expressive voice will give you chills even if you’re sitting in the direct sun. What a wonderful discovery – whether you’re on the North or South side of the equator, loneliness is immune to climate – allow Florian’s Morning to soothe and comfort you with this exquisitely crafted ode to loneliness.

Best listened to while: lying on your bed feeling like you just don’t wanna adult today (no judgement…adulting can wait till tomorrow!)

Listen for this moment: 2:06 – we love the texture of Florian’s Morning vocals in this part (that gentle vibrato….)

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