The Franklin Electric, “The Greatest Love of All”

You know when you’re observing a love story unfolding in a novel, series or even in your friendship group and you inwardly yell, “Don’t spoil this! Can’t you see you’re meant to be!”
But alas, they break up.  And now you have to sit there with your popcorn, sobbing uncontrollably and praying they come to their senses. 
You might recognize this exact scenario in today’s feature, “The Greatest Love of All” by The Franklin Electric. 

The Franklin Electric

Canada keeps churning out musical goodies including the indie collective, The Franklin Electric, from Montreal. The world-touring band has spent the “live-music pause” wisely and released some gems. “The Greatest Love of All” is a solid production driven by a truly magnificent synth-and guitar landscape. The different musical elements and sounds seem highly deliberately chosen and then placed – resulting in a perfect blend and a cohesive track. The 4 minute track builds slowly and subtly – just enough to keep our attention. At the very end they surprise us with some strings just to take it to the next level before leaving us wanting more. 
The singer delivers a message of love in hindsight in a beautiful, breathy, “vulnerable-hipster”- kind of way. The Tonemamas hope true love find’s it’s way! To sum up the song; the grass ain’t always greener…

Best listened to: When you’ve looked at the same faces one too many times this covid-season and you’re wishing to replace them all with different Kardashian-members just to spice up your life. Remember, these friends, partners, family-members are maybe the greatest love of all! 

Listen for: 3:45, that simple synth-line just get a new meaning with the melancholic strings underneath – so clever, so beautiful!

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