Fairhazel, “Christine Keeler”

Today’s featured artist has introduced The Tonemamas to a gentlewoman we are quite sure would fit in perfectly with the Tonemill crew. We’d sit with our boas, sipping whiskey holding our long cigarette holders (we just hold them, we don’t actually smoke…). Her name is Christine Keeler, and as Fairhazel puts it in their latest single, “she’s got a story to tell.” We are intrigued.


Hugh Macdonald is the brain, heart and soul behind the stage name Fairhazel. Raised in London, Paris and Cape Town, followed by a few years in Boston and then back in London (why are the Tonemillers always so well-traveled?). On his journeys he has found a true story-telling talent. On his latest single he embodies English model Christine Keeler and her scandalous endeavors in the 60’s. He tells her story convincingly and in a way that makes us feel like we know who he’s talking about and we wanna know more! Kind of like The Crown…. 

Musically, Fairhazel seems to draw inspiration from bands Christine Keeler was likely to listen to. Structurally and harmonically it’s interesting – he takes unexpected turns that never feel too sudden or too unfamiliar – expertise maybe learnt from Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys. We hear Beatles in the great choruses and Dylan in the story-telling.
But most of all, we hear Fairhazel and we can’t get enough! 

Best listen to: When you’re ready for a propar adventure, but you remember it’s 2021 so you gotta be creative: Go on a small road trip, and put this on repeat – pretend to go somewhere mysterious and fun dressed up as Christine Keeler. #MakeYourOwnAdventure

Listen for: 1:37 – here’s the Beach Boys we were talking about, but you know we hear some Electric Light Orchestra in here as well! Alright enough with the references… This is a great part and you must listen to it. 

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