Navy, “Tower”

The Tonemamas often discuss talent. The myth of the “natural talent” – someone born with exceptional abilities and indisputably meant for greatness. But what about the not-talented, the normal folks that perhaps also feel they are meant for greatness?
Hard work and practice is what is in store for them but is it possible to be born with abilities and work ethic? Could this be how one gets truly good and how one separates the girls from the women? Based on highly trained ears, we have a suspicion that today’s artist is an example of just this.
In a small Carribean paradise called Dominica talent has been born, bred and now spread to the rest of us. The talent in question calls herself Navy 


“Bloodthirst”, “Poison”  and “Carribean Fish Cakes”. These are a few of our favorite words from Navy’s latest single “Tower”. The laid-back, neo-soulesque instrumental consists of repetitive chord-patterns in an electric piano, with a silky-smooth minimalistic rhythm section that grooves in that 2cool4school way we all wish we could replicate. 
Navy sings in such a convincing manner, her phrasings and variations drive the song forward and makes the Tonemamas wonder if perhaps the artist has a secret background in jazz she’s not telling us about. The actual sound of her voice has an interesting combination of dark and broad with some edge. Full of attitude and confidence she “dances on her ego dressed up in her pride”. Tonemamas wouldn’t mind dancing with her!

“Tower” is what seems to be a bonus-track on her latest single-release “LMK”: A catchy, ‘90s inspired RnB tune that answers the age-old question of what a collaboration with Rihanna and Destiny’s Child would sound like. Spoiler alert; the answer is fierce, sweet and you’ll be dancing in the mirror with a hairbrush in no time. (Or analog TikTok as we like to call it) 

Listen for: 2:10, this is the variation-verse we talked about, so subtle yet so effective! 

Best listened to when: Definitely the soundtrack to your hot-girl-summer! (did we use that right?)

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