Clifford, “3AM”

When it’s catchy, it’s C.A.T.C.H.Y Tonemillers, and Clifford has c.a.u.g.h.t us with his new track, “3AM” (#whysocatchy). The minute Clifford sings, “Tonight, imma stay up till 3/ In the morning thinkin’ ‘ bout you”, the melody is already lodged deep into your brain. It’s the type of line Max Martin and his songwriting scientist buddiesContinue reading “Clifford, “3AM””

Snick Foley, “Rhymes with Borrow”

Your Tonemamas, despite our fresh-faced youthful appearances, are old souls at heart. Although alive in 2020 (unfortunately), we have a deep affinity with music of times long passed. So, when we came across Snick Foley’s new track, “Rhymes with Borrow”, we were halted in our constant time-travelling tracks and responded with a resonant, “YES”. “RhymesContinue reading “Snick Foley, “Rhymes with Borrow””

Jenny Kern, “Now We Know”

At some point in the ‘90s (Tonemama history lessons aren’t going to get more specific than that) a couple of Swedes shouted “Eureka!” in their pop-lab. They had come up with a formula, the formula. Fast forward slightly to the early 2000s and pop music is thriving as a result. Remember that glorious time inContinue reading “Jenny Kern, “Now We Know””

“Text Me”, Maxtallies

The Tonemamas can be a little bit pretentious at times, we know. We love a good existential crisis explained over some jazzy chords or a love story that ends in tragedy/heartache played out with some contemporary dance and a drone synth. But sometimes all we want is just a groovy track with a catchy melodyContinue reading ““Text Me”, Maxtallies”

Almost Sex, “Knockoff”

One of the many, many things a time traveler from, say, the ‘90s would notice about today’s society is that people do everything online. We meet lovers, friends, foes, business partners and fellow music collaborators all on the wide web of the world. The last one is particularly relevant for today’s feature, Almost Sex. NickContinue reading “Almost Sex, “Knockoff””

Charlie O’Connor, “Living Loving Large”

Remember yesterday when you looked at your budget and solemnly swore to yourself “no more splurging”, but now it’s Monday and you’re on your second organic, homegrown, short-lived, self-picked almond milk pumpkin spice latte, and it’s like, what even is budget?  “What even is budget” is the deep existential question that British-born, NYC-based artist, theatreContinue reading “Charlie O’Connor, “Living Loving Large””

Peter Wise’s “Methadone Joan”

By: Alexandra James (Tonemill Guest Writer) Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, guitarist, and producer Peter Wise offers up a soulful ballad that recounts the melancholy tale of femme fatale “Methadone Joan”. Wise explains that the tune is about “the struggle to let go of someone”, and I believe him. He says that under routine circumstances he would potentiallyContinue reading “Peter Wise’s “Methadone Joan””