“Text Me”, Maxtallies

The Tonemamas can be a little bit pretentious at times, we know. We love a good existential crisis explained over some jazzy chords or a love story that ends in tragedy/heartache played out with some contemporary dance and a drone synth. But sometimes all we want is just a groovy track with a catchy melodyContinue reading ““Text Me”, Maxtallies”

Lauren Eylise – “Bad Choices”

Your Tonemamas will never stop being grateful for the moment where we got to see Lauren Eylise at an open mic in the Bronx earlier this year before COVID-19 hit NYC (remember live music? Us too…*wipe away tears*). That magical moment where we got to witness true talent, X-factor in a non-screen expression, and charismaContinue reading “Lauren Eylise – “Bad Choices””

Ian Bamberger – “Sweet Surrender”

“Tonemamas, sometimes I miss the simpler sounds of 70’s and 80’s music…today’s music is just so overproduced.” Hey Tonemillers, we hear you. There’s nothing quite like a genuine, intimate acoustic expression of the likes of Jeff Buckley and the sorts. And boy, that makes us more ready than ever to answer your acoustic prayers andContinue reading “Ian Bamberger – “Sweet Surrender””